Welcome Facebook Group Friends. Here’s Your Key To Online Business Success. From JosephDiego. • JosephDiego Lopez, Network Marketing Home Based Business Owner

Welcome Facebook Group Friends. Here’s Your Key To Online Business Success. From JosephDiego.

Hello and welcome to my friends of facebook groups. This Video is intended for those of you who are working your tails off, posting day in and day out.

I give you so much credit for your efforts, but here’s a a right way and a wrong way to market your business and to generate the leads necessary to build the business that you desire.

Now I made video to post to my friends in the facebook groups that even though you are putting such an effort, your results are not matching the income that you were promised when you made the decision to start an online business.

Here’s the most important concept that you are missing.

Let’s use a person working at a McDonald’s earning around $200. a week. Which is very common.

Anybody who works at Micky Dee’s (McDonald’s) before they do anything. Will need to go through some kind of training, to prepare them for the position that they fill, a cashier, a burger flipper, even the maintenance person will need training, training that they have to prove that they understand and can handle before they even get the job.

Now let’s use a Union Construction worker / tradesman, that’s around $50, an hour for a skilled Journeyman, again this person will have to go through an apprenticeship / training for about 4 years, this person will earn around $2000. a week.

Now what do these people / profession have in common? they both had to have specialized training. As does an auto mechanic, a hair dresser, a Doctor, teacher just about anything else. And if you start your very own business in any of these professions you will also need the skills PLUS some business training.

Now here you come, now you are motivated by some reason, be it a lay off, or you want to stay at home with your kids, or you just want to earn a few extra bucks and you look online to see what you can find.

And BOOM, you find this AMAZING business opportunity that promises you the world.  Now you see all of your financial woe’s and worries soon to be gone. You join and you get right to work. You tell your friends, you tell your family and everybody else that your time has come.

You go into the back office, and review all of the training and pick facebook groups, it’s free, you have a facebook account and you can do it at your pace and your convenience. So You GO To Work.

the 1st day goes by, the first week goes by and the results you were promised just never seem to materialize…


We just talked about it. Training, it’s just that simple. The training in your back office just isn’t enough, you need more, MUCH MORE.

I will bet you anything, the training that you have in your back office is much, much less than a McDonald’s employee. And they are earning $200 a week, and how much were you expecting to earn? Come on let’s be honest, I’m sure that $5000, $10,000 and maybe even $50,000  a month may have crossed your minds.

But Here’s The BIG QUESTION, do you have the training of a $50,ooo income earner?

If not, it’s time to begin….

So let’s get Started, the links for You FREE  Internet Marketing Training are all below… Or just Click on The image below…

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