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The National Certificate of Advertising (SAQA 58820)

Marketing Communications Concepts
This module will teach you to identify and explain marketing communication concepts and ideas, implement low- and high-focus thinking, as well as explain and apply lateral thinking processes.

Present Advertising Ideas
Ideas are the backbone of every successful advertising campaign. So in this online advertising course you’ll learn how to generate idea and solutions related to advertising contexts. Evaluate solutions and develop these in advertising contexts. 

Develop advertising activity specifications
Every successful advertising campaign starts with a comprehensive brief. In this advertising course you will learn how to analyse brief specifications as well as produce and distribute briefs. 

Recommend resources for advertising assignments
This module will teach you how to compare resource requirements with available resources for specific assignments.

Develop customer needs and relationships
In this module you will learn how to initiate interpersonal communication with customers, assess and respond to customer needs as well as maintain and improve customer relationships.

Write scripts for an audio-visual medium
This module will teach you how to write an audio-visual media script and pitch stories to relevant role players.

Write an advertising copy
In order to be able to put together great advertising copy, the first step is to assess advertising copy media/channels and your target market’s characteristics so that the material you put together responds to them. In this module, we’ll discuss how to write advertising copy and evaluate an advertising copy against given specifications.

Supervise a technical project team
Every advertising project needs a project manager to manage all the aspects involved. So, in this module you will learn about project management and supervision practices as well as how to apply these.

Sustain oral interaction and critically evaluate spoken texts
This module will teach you how to interact as a listener and/or speaker in oral communication settings as well as how to analyse and critically evaluate oral presentations.

Access, process, adapt and use data from texts
In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to analyse and respond to produced texts, explore textual features and language usage, as well as analyse and evaluate textual content.

Select information for advertising assignments
Learn how to define required information parameters to address advertising needs. Access information sources which are relevant for your defined information needs.

Brand Management
You will learn about the differences between a brand, branding and brand management. In addition, in this marketing and advertising course, we’ll discuss the components of brand management, branding strategy and sustainable brand building.

Content Marketing and Digital Copywriting
In this module, you’ll gain content creation and digital copywriting skills that will assist you in planning, creating and executing an effective content marketing strategy.

SEO and Web Analytics
Understand what it takes for your website to reach the number one spot on search engine result pages.

Social Media
Discover how to grow a brand online on any social channel, increase customer engagement on these channels and correctly target the right market (on social media channels) for your business. This module will also enable you to measure success and adjust your message to suit your target audience.

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