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Successful online business! The dream many of us have but
not all of us are quite sure how we can achieve it?

Online business has come a long way in last few years. No wonder over 5 billion dollars were made in 2018 just in online business industry.

If we dig into the history of online shopping, we would find
that it happened way back in 1979, when Micheal Aldrich used a two-way message
for the very first time. 1995 marked the year when Amazon started selling books.
With PayPal founded in 1998, the online shopping just went up.

All these facts support the idea of an online business and
there is a massive list of online businesses we see popping up all the time.

Here are just a few that top the list of online businesses.

Why it is perfect for

With all these choices available, anyone can get into an
online business at a very minimal cost. Most of these businesses can also be
started as a passive stream of income that can be done along with a 9-5 job.

Here are a few advantages of having an online business

All in all, online business can be best for anybody who is
expert in a certain industry.

Find your jam and start working on growing your audience,
whether it be a blog, YouTube channel, Vlog, Podcast, Webinar or just an
Instagram account. If you are able to grab the attention of your audience, and
are able to find a solution to any problem that they are facing, you can have a

First things FIRST!

I know you all might be wondering what am I talking about?

You might be thinking how you can start an online business
with just an idea?

That’s exactly why I am here. I am going to tell you what
you need to do in order to start an online business.

I am going through a step by step guide where I will be
sharing tips on how you can do it.

I am an online business owner myself. Full time blog, YouTube
and online course creation is just a few things that I do. I would not call
myself an expert if you are counting by the years I have been in business but I
would certainly call myself an entrepreneur who did it all from ground up and
turned it into a successful business.

After a lot of ups and downs and immense learning, I know the
exact steps you need to know if you are aiming to become a business owner.

7 Steps to start an Online

1.What is the idea? (Business Idea)

2.Web Presence (Set up the site)

3.Lure the audience with an opt-in (Killer opt-in)

4.Get writing (Content creation)

5.Big reveal (Launch)

6.Pick the brains of your audience (What do they want)

7.Add more value (Expand)

1.What is the idea?
(Business Idea)

The very basic and the first step in this process is to have
an idea. It can be anything you are good at when compared to average people.
Here are a few examples,

The list can go on and on and if you have your mind boggling
with ideas, just relax and think about the last time your family and friends
asked you for advice on something.

That can be your specialty. You need to be a go-to person
for something and most of the time you are relatively passionate about it too.

Once you have found out what you have to offer, you need to
figure out your ideal customer. Take some time to think who your target
audience is going to be. Additionally, you need to know if your service or product
good enough to cater masses.

That brings me down to the last part of this step. You have
to figure out what is your revenue model. What I mean here is “How you will be making money”?

There are 3 different ways to make money in online business.

You can pick whichever resonates with you more and get ready
to go on the next step.

2.Web Presence (Set up
the site)

Once you are done with the mental framework, you need to
have a place where you can actually lay out your ideas. It is like bringing an
image to life on an easel. The web presence will serve as your mark where
people can find you.

What it necessarily is “A
way for your audience to connect with you”.

Your website is where they can look at your services and
expertise and it will serve as an anchor to make your target audience to keep
coming back.

Here is a 4-step process that needs to be done in order to move
forward to the next step.

These posts will help you in complete set up of a website and you will be ready for email marketing.

This is where you are done with setting up with your web presence
and you are ready for the next step.

3.Lure the audience
with an opt-in (Killer opt-in)

Yes! you read it right. I am talking about luring the
audience with something that they cannot resist.

Have you ever wondered why a newly opened ice-cream store
gives out free samples?

Their aim is to stay in those people’s mind as a reminder of
something nice that they got without doing anything.

Your opt-in will do exactly the same for your readers. A
free gift or an incentive offer will bring them back to your blog/service and
they are most likely to become your regular customers.

Here are a few examples of opt-ins and you need to have at
least one when you are starting an online business.

4.Get writing (Content

By this point you might have gotten the gist of the whole process, you have a platform where you can express yourself, you know who is your ideal audience is, you have something to get them interested (in the form of some free product/service).

What’s next!

They are in your door. Now you have to inspire them. Give
them value packed content so they stay and feel more interested.

You can only do this if you have high quality content to
satisfy their needs.

It does not have to be a lot, for example, as a new blogger,
you only need a few good articles to keep your reader engaged.

For different mediums, content will be different. For
example, you will be recording videos for YouTube, audio for podcast and so on
and so forth.

Creating content is quite a process and here is the

Here is a detailed post that can help you how to publish a blog post easily and quickly.

5.Big reveal (Launch)

If you have successfully completed all the above steps, it is
time for you to jump out and present it in front of the world.

Let me assure you that there is no such thing as perfect especially
in the online world. There will always be something whose website looks prettier
than you.

There will always be something you would not be 100% confident

There will always be something that you will need to make

But hear me out! It should not stop you from launching your

This type of work needs constant curating and improvement
and you will be doing it all the time but the thing that you need to remember is
that you need to get it out there.

6. Pick the brains of
your audience

You might be thinking what’s next.

Your job is not done here, my friend. There are couple of
steps left in order to take your content/ blog to a level of a business.

Now that you have a platform and you are producing quality content
and you are driving decent audience to your business, what do you need to do

You need to keep in touch with your readers and have an
interactive conversation with them on regular basis.

It can easily be done via your social media handles. These interactions
will help you decide which direction your services/content needs to go.

Making a business successful requires you to pay attention
to what your customers are saying.

Keep providing them fresh quality content and keep them
hooked to your blog/business.

If you are doing it as a true entrepreneur, you will know exactly which direction to take and what are the things you need to stay away from.

I started my YouTube channel because my readers wanted to see who was the person behind the blog and the money advice. You are welcome to check it out here.

In my case, I went from blog to a YouTube channel and
eventually to my digital product because I knew that people wanted to see the
face behind all the content and also, I wanted to solve one of the biggest
problems for new bloggers and business owners through my training.

7.Add more value

Like all the successful businesses, you need to keep adding
more value to the already great product/service you are providing to your

You don’t want to become stale and it can only be done if
you are looking at the new trends in the industry and keeping up with them.

Here are a few ideas on how the bloggers are expanding their
businesses beyond producing content.

By opting for any of these, you are creating an extension of
your already running business and it might take some trial and error to finally
figure out what combination is the best.

Ready, set, go!

That’s it my friends, I know it was long but I wanted to
make it as easy as possible for you to understand every single step.

Setting up an online business is not a one sitting website

It is a gradual process that requires several working parts
to get this machine working.

Like any other business, it requires constant monitoring,
improvement and patience. If you hone down the right strategy, it tends to
become a steady stream of income in a year or so.

If you are up for it, there is no better time. Let’s do it
together and change our outlook of lives together.

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